Healthcare services in the First World War:

Portuguese soldiers during and after the Great War (1914-1960)

What were the healthcare services provided to Portuguese soldiers fighting in the First World War in all fronts and their rehabilitation afterwards?

This project aims to do an in-depth analysis on the living and health conditions of Portuguese soldiers that fought in Europe (Flanders), as well as in Africa (South of Angola and North of Mozambique). This project will examine in detail what diseases affected the Portuguese troops, what were the treatments, how many soldiers were ill or died.

What health policies were held by the Portuguese state during the war and what was the role of other nations and institutions in the treatment of Portuguese troops? If thousands were injured during the conflict and suffered from severe traumas, what were the efforts done by the Portuguese state for their recovery? It will be analysed the different institutions that were created or adapted to receive war wounded, traumatised or sick soldiers, and will also be evaluated the contribution to soldiers’ recovery.

Who were the care givers, where and how were the treatments provided and to whom?

Did the provided treatments and given assistance in the post-war contribute somehow to improve soldiers’ well-being? Did they manage to integrate back into society and adapt themselves to civilian life?

This project ended on 31 March 2020


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